February 2024 Update

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Chris and Julie Abiuso – Guadalajara, Mexico

We were able to bless 6 different drug and alcohol rehab centers with much need supplies for the residents. In addition to the ministry in the centers, we made around 180 children’s gift bags for the kids in the Colli that we delivered to their homes and had almost 200 kids come to our Christmas posada (service/party) in the Colli. We had an amazing time with the kids and their families. At every rehab center before we gave them their gifts and the food that we brought, we shared about the birth of Christ and why Jesus came.

After the message, we had an incredible time of prayer with all the residents and God moved in mighty ways in their lives! Thank you for being a part of this in such a big way.

Greg and Lisa Webby – Live Dead Arab World

Our team operates a community center that reaches out to the Moroccan community. The community center offers Spanish classes to men and women, private tutoring for children, and some English classes. Muslim authorities are very sensitive about evangelism of minors. The community center hold services on Fridays and Sunday evenings attended mostly my women and children. We’re also focused on mobilizing and training new workers from Latin America to experience the Arab world, receive training, and getting a sense of God’s calling longer term.

Prayer Requests

  • Adjusting to establishing ourselves in a new environment with a new team!
  • Continued evelopment of the team
  • Community engagement in Ceuta, North Africa.

Tori Bell – Builders International

I’ve taken on an additional role here in the office! Project Developer. I organized meetings and interview world missionaries for new projects. I LOVE this additional role because it’s incredibly relational and I get to be involved with every project that comes through Builders.

I’m also renewing my term! I will be doing this for another two years starting April 2024. This probably comes as no surprise. Missions has become my life, and I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else.

Prayer Requests

  • My women’s bible study group meeting every Wednesday evening.
  • Safe travel while I am traveling to the Dominican Republic in February.
  • Wisdom and guidance as I take my new position as Project Developer.