Multiply: A Biblical Guide to Investing (Workshop)

Investing can be the toughest part of money management because it is often confusing and intimidating. This workshop will provide the practical knowledge and confidence you need to put together your personalized plan for investing faithfully and effectively.

Whether you’re 18 or 98 years old, an experienced investor or just getting started, “Multiply” will equip you with the highly practical, and biblically-grounded guidance you need to invest wisely. Light refreshments will be provided and registration is required to attend this event.

Why this workshop is different than any you might attend in the community:

  • The content is grounded in Biblical principles for investing.
  • Led by a Pastor from The Compass Church and experienced Christians in the marketplace of investing.
  • Designed from beginning to end to be an educational experience without a sales pitch.

Workshop topics will include:

  • Understanding saving, investing and how to maximize compounding.
  • Managing the common risks associated with investing.
  • Investing in the least taxing ways.
  • Understanding and maximizing the retirement investment vehicles of 401(k) and IRA. And, which type of 401(k) or IRA to use-Traditional or Roth.
  • Creating a written investment plan that fits you.